We have fought few wars!!
War with china
1962, 1967, 2020
War with Pakistan
1965, 1971, 1999, (few skirmishes 2014 onward)
Let’s talk in details about the wars , but before that I want you to believe rather enquire few things within the universe, what I am saying is right or wrong???
Do the war is only for the benefit of the external locus or it also benefit some internal propagandist???
Do the war is elicited by the action of the national government or it could be elicited by some internal factors favouring the opposing nations??
Do the war is only related to attack and defence or it has some other screw jacks too!!
Well discuss the wars in details
1962 war with china
This is the war which we have fought more over the history sheets, we were unprepared mentally as well as willingly ( political). At that time the centre was occupied by mixed economy favouring congress and in the opposition there was communist party of india!!

In the year 1962, cpi was the main opposition and it has started increase their strength in the south, and slowly getting a pace in punjab!!!

it has possibility of supporters of mao zadong can help these Chinese agency either strategically or by doing spying the internal issues to destabilize the present Indian government!!

This strategy was well read by congress( not congress as a whole but by a family )

Communist did the largest ever mistake and we all have seen what the hell they get till now even!!

But pathetically our indian history book was in the hand of these communist mascots, which later on capture the print and electronic media!!

we have been told by these communist mascot don’t ever try to mess with china the effect will always as that of 1962!!

To show supremacy of communist over the democratic Indian government!!

Now comes the another chapter!!

1967: cho la and Nathu la clashes with china!

As usual strategically helped by cpi! Chinese did the same thing over these borders!!

But by that time in absence of political supervision, entire matter comes to the hand of indian military and they successfully blocked the weak Chinese attacks!!! And india become victorious!

absence of political supervision as at that time Nehru ji and shashtri ji passed away recently and Indira ji was in her first term she was surrounded by political boot lickers, and for boot lickers it was a hard experience with the 1962! So they let it with the military!

Now this incident have got very less notations in the text book and I bet only 20% have heard about it, because this will glorify india under democracy which is not liked by communists ,and it was india military success without a stable government which was a big snub for the family( gandhi dynasty)!!

this event is cropped up from textbook, print media as well as liberary!!

It was exposed just after the effect of dynasty comes to an end!! And the lion roars in such a way that these asses have gone to the darkness!!

Let’s come to the pakistan war events:

1965 war!!

This was the first indo pak war,( don’t count 1947 a war)

And it was successfully handled and won by late lal bhadur shashtri ji, our then prime minister!! He was a true socialist leader with a vision to transform india!! And he was getting more popularity than the family ( gandhi dynasty) so for that event he has to pay the price by giving his life in the Tashkent!!

So many argument , so many paperworks, so many thinking but all went to vain, when you don’t have the powers in your hand!! You just have to believe and follow what the powerfull man/ woman says !!

This thing has happened with the great shashtri ji!

But here war was not elicited by the family, because by that time the family was not that corrupt and it was well known to them,if war happens it was impossible for pak to beat India!!

The aftermath was created by family in fear of losing base!!

1971 war

This was the iron lady first charge!

Iron lady Indira ji was a real tigress, she knew if you wanna continue either you become powerfull or weakens the opposition from inside and outside!!

Indira ji did exactly same , she realise Bangladesh wants to get out of pakistan image and she did exactly the same what usa did in ussr!!

Indira ji promoted bangladeshi warrior mukti bahini upto that extent , that they can fight up with the pakistan army present in that state!!

And second wrong step taken by pakistan attacking india in the West region complete the whole circle to her!!

Yes by that time iron lady got few hiccups when European union and usa came in support of pakistan, which was branded by the oil dwelling Arab world!! She still kept her cool by utilising the cold war world for her benefit!!

Being a daughter to the dead supreme leader she has a right to counter her dad’s decision of being third world country, she joined hand with russia and this small shake completely whitewashed the arabic world dream of gazwa e hind!!

she didn’t stop here only, she was on her next mission,that is the generation of Khalistan and dividing pakistan into few more pieces!!

But here she become over enthusiastic,she forgot india too hold sikh population much more than that of pakistan, and it caused her life!!!

But iron lady shown many parts to the nation, how she dominated the whole country with emergency, how she have demolished the internal insurgency and external attacks!!

she was so ferrociuos , that’s she have join hands with a communist country like russia and started operation green hunt to destroy cpi/ m!! And in that point neither china nor russia could help them directly!

She was an epitome of brain in politics and have shown upto what a leader can do the suppress the insurgency!!

Well I am not in favor of her and not against of her, because whatever she has done was just for the benefit of nation !

The only problem which was not suppose to do by her, that she forgot ,she is staying in a democratic country!!!

After her , her son came in power mr rajeev gandhi!! He was a great man with vision and best among the dynasty!!

But he has done one mistake marrying an agent( with regular on and off connection)

Will come to that point later!!

1999 kargil war!!

One communist agent came to the family and the communist behavioral thinking captured in the opposition!!

Results in kargil war, motive was to destabilize the ongoing Vajpayee ji’s government!!

The war was fought with immense brave inspite of communist media live telecast to the opponent, won by india!!

Bring a fullstop over the opposition pathetic thought!!

But by second means of communal therapy that is by increasing price of commodities by stocking up, somehow managed to come again into power!!

This time the agent got full power to bring luck to the neighbouring country by making the Chinese no.1 in everything!!

You could have matched the Chinese growth , it has done the max from 2004 to 2013!!

India have export maximum from china and even gave the greatest trade benifit!!!

Indian market is full of Chinese stuffs and forced Indian small scale industries to a big full stop!!

The agent was disturbed by pakistan constantly for their due back which was done by them with kargil instance!!!

It was managed successfully by Indian government pushed by agent, by ensuring 30% Indian gdp utilised and enjoyed by kashmiri!! Which eventually goes to the pocket of Pakistan , as a fee of kargil attack!!

Whenever this drops or their demand increase they start creating disturbance in india!!

Like delhi, ahmedabad, bengaluru, Hyderabad, and mumbai attacks!!

But each and every time it was just a simply kadi ninda and nothing else from the govt, because they know if they speak up they will be finished!!

2014 onward

When modi ji came to power, they already know the steps that can be taken by the agent!! So they were well prepared!!

First two years they lowered the gdp% to kashmir and suddenly they bring demonetisation, which brings a petrol to the stack money kept in pakistan through kashmir!!! Which they have saved for the rainy days!!!

It was so hard slap over them that they can’t even think off!!

Then agent was not even needed for them to react, they react spontaneously and everytime they got more tight slap over their face, uri attack, and balakot strike was so hard, that they have realised, they can’t even think of something bad for india!!!

So the agent need something big to destabilize the country by bringing insurgency inside and outside the nation!!

So they pushed their parent nation to do their part and china start stepping into the laddakh region, and by agent work the cpi join hands with the congress when they realise there is no difference among them!!

So they start their negative publicity about india and their potential , but they forgot, it is modi who is standing above all, he first created cds( chief of defence staff) to bring the harmony among all the three part of the defence system!! And have given free hand to them to do whatever they want, and which was expected it was totally over defence decision they want media to come in or not!!

Media don’t have any right to ask or represent what Indian defence thinks and plans!!

Which leads to worldwide humiliation for Chinese and they have repented what they did!!

That day when Indian soldiers broke the bone without weapons bring Chinese army a worst nightmare and have effected the mental stability level of pla!!

Agent was even cursed by her mentors!!

regarding internal insurgency, modi ji is not following the footsteps of iron lady, he can easily go by her footstep,but the patience level are different!!

So democratic frameworks are used to crack down internal insurgency and with the help of that modi ji will bring down the internal insurgency too!!

These are the brief about the wars that was fought by india It is my personal thinking I don’t push anyone to believe but to think about this angle!!!

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