You reap what you sow” they say!Look at the sapling that grows into a plant with vibrant green that fills your life with all positivity.But did you ever ponder on the secret behind it?The sapling was planted and looked after very well. It was replenished with  proper soil ,exact manure and water that nourished it to meet the challenges.The same criteria has to be fixed about our Education system too. If I am not wrong ,we fail to nurture our education system.Our Education system and syllabi give more importance to revolutions than evolutions.We study a lot about Fidel castro,Carl Marx,Che Guevara and the failure system of Communism.They eventually can  lead to few failure nations like Cuba, Vietnam with Communism turned Fascism  in the form of China.We study a lot about World wars and their aftermath and also the reason behind them.We try to unravel the mystery of history consisting of French revolution,US revolution,Russian revolution and even Arab spring.—all related to political assault or political uplift. These are all cliche.But have we ever thought how Germany has become the leading Industrial hub even after facing the heat of two World wars?Did you ever try to know how Japan has become the third largest economy with its history of  atom bombs?We never wished to know the Success mantra of   USA as the most powerful nation or Dubai as  the  best tourist destination in the world.These are the topics related to the conscience of the people in the country,not at all the political touchpad .So these things are not included in the syllabus of the future citizens of our nation.The government should lead the future generation to the right direction and develop their personality to meet the toughest part of life.My request to the government consists of the following :1-To include the stories about the successful countries for the growing children2-To promote innovation and discoveries (Promoting start-up is a good step though)3-To take Talent search and Olympiads  a bit seriously .If somebody is found, he/she should grab it as an opportunity.It should be carried over the whole country irrespective of city or village.4-To make a mock platform where ideas can be shared with the public and the bureaucrats instead of writing to  PM.5-To make a team to assess each and everyone.Who knows one click can change the whole world.6- To use the youth not for politics but for development as we can propel the highest activated neuron system in their  mind to motivate them towards success stories.My request to the Opposition is as follows;1-To share and care ,not only to criticise2-To  help people grow as responsible citizens of the country.3-To open platforms to know the grievances and place them in the parliament with a rational approach.Finally this is my request to the people of our country 1-  To be  politically motivated2-To come out with new ideas and3- To stop becoming a political scapegoat.Let us join our hands together to reach the goal asSuccess comes with perseverance and tenacity and changes that can bear fruits for a developed nation with perfect minds and better souls.

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