list of universities India

majority of state universities involved in student level politics which indulge them into politics later on as they are getting fascinated by a so called honorary money minting business of our country!!

we have 411 state universities, 41 central universities!
among 411, around 400 have student union and student elections!!!
under a banner of leadership qualities!!
well lets come to the point..
list of student unions in India

just check it out the link , you will find majority of them are backed by national political parties
majority of them are backed by congress, and communist party of India!
one is by bjp via rss!!
similarly local parties like trinamool congress and few state like Tripura and Assam also involved in that!;

there are very few who have not get affiliation yet , because of their smaller no.

here is my point!!
is this necessary to involve student into politics??
these students doesn’t even know the meaning of politics they are forced to get into!!!

more pathetically few student unions are associated with religion and caste!!!

students according to their parents and customs are entitled to learn and prepare for the world are getting into such a circumstance where they learn how to be corrupt and bully the others!!

by the name of religion , caste, political affiliations and strength these students with their novice mind become a bull with very less amount of sensitivity restored!!

and we expect good thing from out esteemed politicians, how will they if they are trained like this!!

there is a rule the younger follow the elder, if one is doing wrong and getting benefits the other follows,
it is very difficult to break the monotony!!

elders are getting benefitted by the younger’s aggression and attitude!!
and youngers are thinking they will acquire the elders position later on!!

huge bulk of new resources are getting spend in it, these new resources can go to production and could bring developmental strategy to the nation by their deed, but they involve into the game of rat race to become a neta!!
because they feel and even say, if one is good in studies by being a doctor, eng, banker, ca, army men, ias, pcs, industrialist he will earn just a penny in front of a politician!!

and democracy regarding voting right by comman people is just a mockery , once you have casted a vote your work is done for the next 5 years,

you cast a vote for a common man but after winning all of them become politician, and they simply repeat what the predecessor has done!!

the money and the power make them blind and follow the path which was made by the predecessors
at that time , people of India have become a joke for them and weapon for the opposition!!
one party trying to save their ass and other one wanna bite that!!
ultimately the loss is to the people of India!!

from where all these shit has started, that student union which is in the college!!

my request to the governance is
1. stop the game of politics in colleges , universities, make it a place of study and self realization not a place of bully and crime!!!
2. politician should be more approachable to the public, their life style idolize the nations, they should be the idol not only before election but even after the results!! they should maintain the harmony as well as balance in the nation
3. corruption in every level has to be shut down, because this is the root cause of people fascinating to a bad world.

my request to opposition is
1. it is bad to involve public into any kind of opposition, they have chosen you as a representative to put your demand to the government, it should be done in the house of law or in parliament not on the roads!!!
2. opposition is the auditor in democracy , so better do your job rather than involving in faulty comments and debate which create discrimination in the society.

my request to the people of India
1. please be in harmony to each other, politicians are for 5 to 10 years but our relationships lasts for year to ages
2. parents should be strict to their child and not let them participate into any kind of student level politics
3. younger generation must involve them in innovation or few constructive work in every field to make our nation prosper rather than getting involve into dirty politics!!

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